kriscarmi (kriscarmi) wrote in pkmncollectors,

wants, question, and semi-update

wants; moltres bellplush, ufo catcher, and burger king plush!

small update on a littleee part of my fire collection so far; moltres! dat good ol' fire bird and the original fire bird... but FIRST. i have a question for you all. 

is the 1st, 5th, and 6th plush the EXACT same plush or something? I found these all on pokeplushproject, and purchased "one" of them. when i flipped the little plush around, it looked the same as all three. so i'm a little confused. here's pictures of the one i have, including the tags:

other than that... these are the figures i own as of now...

DO I OWN EVERY MOLTRES KID? 'cause i'm not sure. also. i love the moltres zukan. pretty pretty.

and my mip moltres tomy! does anyone have the NEW moltres tomy for sale?

that'll be all for now. i must continue cleaning. but let me know and thanks in advanceee. y'all are the best 

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