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Rearrangement, Snivy line and Riolu collection update, want and Reminder!

Hello there!
Multipurpose post! It has been some time since I have shown my collection, so I thought, why not show two of my collections and how I have rearranged my plush on the upper bed (where I don't sleep)!

Here is a picture of how my plush pile looked like before rearranging:

It was an entire mess, plushies all over the bed...

And this is how it looks like now:

Looks so much better right?...well, I am not as good with rearranging plushies, but I try to do them from smallest in the front to biggest in the back. I have also so many big Charmander plushies that they simply don't fit into where the Charmanders really are.

And now to my Snivy line collection update! Teeny show off:

Bigger picture!

This is my Snivy line collection, EXCLUDING flats (which I have hundreds of them...). I am getting closer and closer to having all Snivy line plushies that exist. Three plushies are on its way to me, and the rest I am planning how to get them one by one..

All the plush on bed!

And here are some plush on the standee I have. Grass Arceus is watching over all of them! <3

I have also rearranged the shelves here, removing things like the kids boxes I had there. There is so much more space now, the boxes just took so much!

Top shelf! Since there is the most unlimited space, I edcided to add bigger things like the TCG tins, MIB Throw Pokeball Snivy and so on! As you can probably see, the is more space for other small things! <3

Upper left shelf!

Upper right shelf!

Bottom left shelf!

And lastly bottom right shelf! I wasn't sure about this rearrangement, I will have some other things coming to me soon, so I will see!

Now to my Riolus!

All I can say, even though Riolu is just a side collection of mine, I must say I do own a lot of merchandise of him! This is everything I have, excluding fanart I have gotten! 

What makes me very happy, through PPP, I realized I own EVERY Riolu plush that was made, EXCEPT for one. This is my tiny want I have, and yes, it's the remaining Riolu plush I need!

PPP says it's a standing Jakks plush. Anybody who sells it, or wants to part with theirs? Do let me know what you think might be a good price for him. I was thinking on spending around 10$ on him, since Jakks plush go mostly for 7$ at stores...not sure though! I am also open to other offers!

And lastly a small reminder:

I still have these adorable plush dice and the Mudkip grabby up for offers until today, 10PM EST!
Please go here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/12563981.html

Thank you so much for looking! =D
Tags: collection, figures, plush, riolu, serperior, servine, snivy
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