epicaz (epicaz) wrote in pkmncollectors,

San Diego Comic Con Pkmncollectors Meetup!

Hey everyone! There was quite a bit of interest on the last post about having a meetup during this year's San Diego Comic Con International. With the con quickly approaching (only.. 10 days now?), I thought this might be a great opportunity to see other collectors who are in town or the convention or just living in Southern California.
Right now, I'm thinking of holding the meetup on the late afternoon/night of Friday, July 13th. I will need to get a count of how many people are interested in going before I make any reservations, but in the meantime I'm completely open to ideas! Otherwise, I have a family friend in San Diego who offered to scout out resturants for us in the downtown area.
So please, if you're interested in a meetup in Downtown San Diego, con-goer or not, feel free to leave a post here and we'll go ahead and make further arrangements! :)
(I should be making a followup post in less than a week)
Thanks for reading!!

Edit (2:01 pm MST/PST): Having a meetup midday Sunday is also possible, if there's interest!
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