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Otakon 2012 Pkmncollectors Meet-up

There's no set time just yet. I was thinking Saturday or Sunday (preferring Saturday). What times would be good for people? And I wish they'd put their schedule up already >:C

Anyway, YES!!!! OTAKON COLLECTOR MEET-UP! Right now, I just want a head count of who is going and if there's a time/day that works best for everyone. Possibly we can get dinner together as well or something!

So just let me know so we can get this party started...or rather planned.


SNAKES!!! I hope they make the final evols for McD toys next summer! Look at that awesome line <3
And I love how MPC Servine feels scale to Serperior pokedoll. Is there a tiny Snivy plush that's smaller than an MPC? I'd be interested in buying just so I can have complete Snakey line plushies! If not, I may have to either commission one or make one. Then again, considering that plush would have to be the size of the McD toy (2 inches or less)...

Anyway, yeah, I rambled there!

Thanks for reading everyone! I need to have a major collection update, but as usual, I'm always waiting on one more thing XD
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