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New member, first post! Introduction to myself and my collection! ^^b

Hi everyone! I'm new to this community, and new to Live Journal so if things are off in this post, that's why... ^^;

As a fan of Pokemon since childhood, I remember the days that the first season aired on TV and playing the games. Good times. Now, I'm 22 and still a fan.

My favorite Pokemon of all time is actually hard for me to say. It's either Bulbasaur or Mew, followed by Snivy. That being the case, my main collections will focus on Bulbasaur (which I have nothing of currently, besides cards ;;) and Snivy (which I have stuff of. ^^) Mew may be a main collection as well, but if I'm correct, Mew stuff is harder to find, so that will be a sub collection (along with Dragonair, Nidoqueen, Misdreavus, and lots others...)

Now, to the collection itself!

Allow me to introduce my "partner" in this collection post, Snivy.

And here are his buddies!

They are eagerly anticipating a new friend on the way from one of the nice members of this community and hope for many more in the future!


McDonalds Figures (Not including the Servine)

TCG Figures (All TCG figures (with the exception of Snivy) were purchased at a recent rummage sale for 50 cents each!

And now on to the things I have from my childhood stash.

All of them, with the exception of Snorlax, squirt water. Horsea and Polywrath where toys I got at Toys R Us on my 10th birthday.

Other figures...

The lone members of my Mew and Nidoqueen collections. Hopefully they will have friends in the near future!

Keychains and a coin

Fanart tags I got at KitsuneKon 2012 (And I hope they come back so I can get more next year!)

Moar plushies! (Squirtle and Polywhirl were purchased at a yard sale over a month ago)

Snivy wants to know what's in that Pokeball!

Why it's Pikachu!

Now on to my cards...and the 500 page binder I'm using for them. (There aren't 500 pages worth of cards in there...yet.)

And the Mc Donalds cards.

Manga I had to get a few days ago!!


While there are plenty of other things hidden around in my bedroom, this is a start. Besides, Snivy's tired and he wants to go to sleep.

Goodnight Snivy.

Anywho, I hope you enjoyed my first post and my collection pictures. While it's small at the moment, I hope that all of you on this community will help me grow my collection in time, and start my Bulbasaur collection! Thank you for reading and I look forward to getting to know you all and your collections! ^^

Katiya out!
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