Hydrohog (hydrohog) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New member and collector!

Hello everybody, first i want to say i'm new to hardcore collecting and LiveJournal as well so please don't be mad at me if i do something wrong on this post. I'm also new to online transactions and all the shipping details so if anyone would be so kind to teach me i'd really appreciate it.

Like all of you here i absolutely love Pokemon, at first i didn't like the games until my friend told me to play his game for him while he was in the bathroom, i used his Nidorino to beat an Ekans and when i saw pokemon leveled up i fell in love and ran away to buy myself a GBC and Pokemon blue! Sadly my current collection is only based around the video games (some got stolen) and some 5th gen trading cards.

I'd like to share my humble and non impressive games collection first


Missing in action:
-Pokemon Leaf Green (Stolen by some random person...)
-Pokemon Battle Revoltuion (Stolen by some random person...)
-Pokemon Ruby (Stolen b y some random person...)
-Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of Darkness (Stolen by some random person...)

I've always wanted tons of figurines to decorate my room while visitors look at them with interest and happyness! Sadly in my country (Peru) it's extremely hard to find them and they're often overpriced and damaged...

Anyways i'd like to start by collecting some Zukan or Tommy figurines of my favorite pokemon which would be:

-Totodile evo line
-Treecko line
-Bagon line

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