goldenfennec (goldenfennec) wrote in pkmncollectors,


Wanting Victini flats/kids/figures/ALMOST ANYTHING

Ok, I feel like I have no life XD I have looked through every sale's post in the sales
section directory (it actually doesn't take that long),
only to find that anything Victini related is either sold/expensive :<

Making this request again, please tell me if two posts of the same subject aren't allowed Xl

I have very little money at all to buy Pokemon merch,(I am such a cheapskate,
please don't be offended if I think that an offer is too high, including shipping too unfortunately DX) but just saying that I am currently on the
lookout for victini figures/kids/flats NOT PLUSH AT THE MOMENT, unless too good to pass up cheap offer XD
(I made a plush post, and am waiting until I can get a Sonokong Victini X3)

Also, really random question: Can anybody show me what the bottom of a kid figure looks like?
I have collected figures through yard sales for YEARS and don't think that I have one kid figure XD
I have a Pikachu that I THINK is a kid figure, but I need to see the bottom of one to be sure.

One more thing!! I am looking for a 2005 Tomy Lucario plushie that I used to have a few years back.
I was tricked into trading it for a bootleg Lucario plush...... >.>
(It was a gift, I will never stop being angry at myself for that trick trade...)

Thank you! :3

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