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Block Figure GB

Hi everyone!
Today I bring you a Tomy Block Figure GA :D

These figure are really something! (I had no idea these figures even existed!)

  • This is my first GB! So please go easy on me.
  • noraluvr58 will be doing the spreadsheet and ill be recieving the payments and shipping
  • If more people want these figures ill be happy to ask the seller if he/she has more!
  • I ship from Arizona and shipping in the U.S starts at $1.95 and worldwide shipping starts at $3!
  • Since the total for this lot is $30, each figure will be $5!
  • Ill be claiming Onix and noraluvr58 won't be claiming anything, just doing it to help me get a start into GBs
  • Since Im still in mexico, itll take sometime until I get the figures.
  • Payment one will be due after claims and is the figures + shipping from the seller to me
  • Payment two will be due once I get back from mexico and is shipping from me to you.
  • Claims end on the 5th!
Charizard: katiyakramer
Meowth: tufails
Wobbuffet: furyred
Onix: milomilotic11

Another Picture:

Claim on~

Also to make this post funnier:
Tags: charizard, meowth, onix, pichu, pikachu, wobbuffet
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