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Zukan Pokedex

Good evening comm.

As you may or may not know i am an avid collector of the zukan figures. I was looking at my collection the other day and i noticed i have got so many and am slowly getting more and i got an cool idea. After looking at most of the other Zukan websites they were either bland or didnt give much information at all. So this is where my idea come in.

My idea is to make a website dedicated to zukans (with my electronic collection in the back),
The website tell you what sets were released, what pokemon came in each set, the rarity of each zukan (from what i have seen available).

There will also be a mini review on each, I will be rating them out of 10, I will give an estimate of what they would cost (from the numbers i see them go for) and how much i payed for them.

I will be doing this for each zukan and for each pokemon separately. Because of the extent i am wanting to show i was hoping to see how interested you guys/girls would be and if it would be used enough to make it worth while for me to make it.

I have already spent a few days slowly working on it, it is no where near finished but i would like some Comments and Ideas on what it needs.

Also. If it becomes used enough i will be buying a proper domain and web hosting for it.

The website can be located here:

Please give me your thoughts on this idea.
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