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Epic cuteness get + epic appearance + sales update

Hi !
Few days ago, I received the world cutest Aerodactyl plush, made by the talented cwinget
I was given to her a drawing of the pokedoll design I imagined for the fossil pokemon. The result was beyond my expectations.

Please don't use this image without asking, thanks.

I enjoy the wing paws, it's the kind of details which is different than the other Aerodactyl plushies, like the form of his tail.
I wanted something unique for this custom pokedoll.

I forgot to take pictures when I received it, I was so excited to think about that ^^'

This is a kind of off topic, two days ago I made an very unexpected encounter on my French HeartGold version.
The day before I strated to search for on of my favorite pokemon in shiny that I didn't have before.
I have the unlucky habit to searching a very long time for shiny pokemon, like Turtwig started on june 2008, I did at this time 20.775 SR on my pearl version and found two shiny Starly (no joking).
But this time the shiny cames after only 679 ecounters XD

Click the banner or here
I add some things on my sales, I'm very open for the offers, I would to see all of these items go away.
Tags: aerodactyl, custom, plush, pokedolls, sales, whiscash
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