isn't that right zach? (vodka_mutini) wrote in pkmncollectors,
isn't that right zach?

slight shipping delay, update, requests for payment

A heads up to everyone: I was hoping to get things out today but I had a surprise need for a doctor's visit (I am fine now though don't worry!) and unfortunately won't be finished by the time the post office closes.

Those who participated in my auctions/made very large purchases, I am going the paypal shipping label route with most of you, so expect tracking numbers to start rolling in tonight. Your packages will be dropped off tomorrow! Those of you who made smaller purchases/are outside the US, your envelopes are hand addressed and also shipping tomorrow. :)

If you are waiting to pay me and we discussed that already, don't worry about it (sugar0coated, think you're the only one). However, I am still pending on payments and haven't heard from:
havvaiibabe, shiny Leafeon kid
airinkitty, Jolteon friends plush

If you do not respond in the next 24 hours, I will sell your items to the next highest bidder. :( If I have made a mistake and you already requested a payment plan/delay in payment, let me know!
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