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Pose Figure and Candy Dice GB payment 1

To everyone who claimed items from my and espie's Pose and Candy Dice GB, I have the totals calculated and ready! I do have some bad news about his GB however...

We originally thought that since both items qualified for Free Super Saver Shipping from Amazon that shipping would be free from them to SMJ. Well... We were wrong. :( I got the invoices and one of them had a shipping charge of 3060 yen! I emailed SMJ and this is what they said:

smj email shipping

I'm so sorry everyone. :C The totals for payment one came out a bit higher than we first anticipated. As an apology and to help even out your cost I will be covering shipping from SMJ to me, so you only have one more payment! :D

Here is the spreadsheet which includes a screenshot of the invoices. Make sure you send the right payment, totals in column C are for US members and totals in column D are for international. Please send payment to and include "Pose and Candy Dice GB - (your username)" in the title and memo. Also, please edit the spreadsheet when you have paid. C:

To those of you who have purchased from my recent Teeny Tiny auction, I have shipped out all of them except for three and those will be shipped out tomorrow. ^_^

As a closing note, I have a few items I'd like to sell:

Info and Rules
~ I received sales permission from denkimouse on October 20, 2010.
~ All buyers must abide by my rules as well as the rules and guidelines of pkmncollectors.
~ I reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone, including those who aren't a member of pkmncollectors, have been banned from the community, or have negative feedback. I do not accept offers via PM.

~ I ship from the US to worldwide and I usually ship within 1-2 weeks after receiving payment.
~ I am not responsible for items lost or stolen in the mail. If you are worried, please purchase insurance.
~ I only accept Paypal. I may accept trades, but only for items on my wants list or other/customs of Pokemon I collect.
~ Prices are in USD and do not include shipping unless otherwise noted.
~ I will hold an item for up to 24 hours. After that it will go back up for sale.  

~ Backing out of a sale that has been agreed upon will result in negative feedback.
~ I am more than happy to leave feedback. My feedback thread can be found here.

Sapporo clear files, mint condition (the back of the files shows the back of the Pokemon)
Eevee - $10
Piplup - $7

Manaphy - Free with purchase or just pay shipping!
Turtwigs and Piplups - $2 each
Grotle and Prinplup - $3 each

Thank you all! <3

Tags: eevee, grotle, payments, piplup, prinplup, sales, turtwig
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