vaporeonxlover (vaporeonxlover) wrote in pkmncollectors,

reintroduction and update

hey everyone. i havent had much time to make an actual post as i am moving so i have been getting ready to move but thought i would make a reintoduction.

i am vaporeonxlover. i have been collecting pokemon since i was a little kid but mainly the cards but now i am pretty much a plush collector. i love custom plush the most but also love the actual pokemon plush. my favorite pokemon are vaporeon, eevee, snivy and blitzle. i love many others but those are the ones i mainly collect. i live in arizona and im hoping we can get this other AZ meet set up because i would love to be able to go to this one since i couldnt go to the last one to watch the movie.

i cant think of anything else right now but when i get moved into the new house i will do a major collection update as i am well overdue for one!
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