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Collection Update!


I haven't made a post in a while because I've been pretty busy but normally when I stress I tend to do a bit of retail therapy. I ended up spending a hefty amount over the past month, well hefty for me at least, on my first Sunyshore package and an Amazon package. Since, I'll be vacationing soon, I'll probably make an end of summer update but I kind of wanted to share what I got recently. I just finished my last summer school exam today and now all of my stress is going towards GMAT. The exam is seriously freaking me out since I take it in less than a week but a collection update won't take too long, hopefully. 

First off, for those who notice, I have been updating my YouTube with videos with everything that I got so if you've already seen those, here are some nice pictures to go along with them. If not, please check em out, I am still fairly new to making these videos so I apologize if it isn't as smooth as it could be. I've embedded my latest video here but you can check out the rest at my channel.

There are two Japanese stores in my city that I know of and once upon a time, they both had Pokemon Kid figures. Unfortunately, they both do not stock them anymore. When I did visit the older of the two shops, I did find some Pokemon candy which I bought since I refused to leave that place empty handed. 

These gummies were delicious. However, the Pokemon were quite deformed when I took em out of the pack. 

These chocolates were also really good, but I'm pretty biased since chocolate is my favorite candy. I actually picked all of the wrappers but its deceiving since the chocolate molds do not end up being what you are getting on the inside. I opened up the Tepig wrapper and got an Oshawott mold. 

What kind of Pokemon candy do y'all find nowadays?

Can anybody spot the new guys?

It's the Pignite and Axew McDonald's figures! I actually have all of the figures between my brother and I. I got some really interesting looks from some of the cashiers. One cashier asked if I was a Pokemon Collector (I assured him I was, I have no shame!). Another when I asked for which toy they had in stock, said "we have a green one and a blue one," I asked for the green one, and when she brought it out, I told her I'd take it. She was in shock for a moment. Lol

What were some of your McD's hunting stories? I've seen some posts on the comm but anything memorable?


Next up, if you haven't noticed in the preview image, is my Takara Tomy Talking Oshawott (English Version). I ordered this off Amazon with my reward points and it was so worth it! At first, I thought I was going to get the Japanese version, since I messaged the seller twice about getting the English version (she declined both times), but I guess whoever shipped it knew I wanted it. I don't leave the sound on because frankly, it started getting annoying but, the plush is super awesome. I recommend it to anybody who is interested. 

The Oshawott I really wanted this dude a couple of weeks ago and I ordered him off Sunyshore. I do like it but not as much as I thought I would. I ended up giving it to my brother. Even though I buy mostly everything collection related, I don't quite share with him, meaning that if I buy something and I give it to him, I treat it as his.

He actually got mad that I cross-collected since he did sort of want to collect Oshawott first. However, I plan on keeping the talking plush in my room. I'm kinda sad that its tag is super curved but I guess it'll be fine. I plan on leaving all my recent tags in the bubble wrap, I don't want to open it up and find any other surprises...

My opinion is that this guy looks better in photos. 

Oh yeah, has anybody noticed that this guy is small compared to other Pokedolls? I know that people said the Muskedeers are like mini-Pokedolls but I'm starting to feel like the Pokemon Center is just downsizing. What do y'all think?

Now if I'm ordering Oshawott from Japan.....I can't just order him alone, that's wasting fuel and shipping money, so........

My Fluffy Piplup! It was actually meant for my brother but I kept it in place of giving him Oshawott. It is........kinda weird. I do like this plush a lot but it might not be for certain collectors since the eyes are not symmetrical and the material is different if you are only used to Jakks plush, PokeCen plush and Pokedolls. I wouldn't say that it is soft but it is definitely fuzzy. I plan on leaving it on the shelf forever!

Bulbasaur Fuzzy Plush!!! I actually like this guy a lot, but like Piplup, this series is kinda weird. One of the legs doesn't touch the ground when it's displayed. Also, the eyes aren't symmetrical and the fuzz is kinda in random places, like the plush isn't even throughout. 

I think that it is just the style of the "fuzzy plush" which takes getting used to. It is really well made but again, if you aren't used to the style, it might surprise you at first. For anybody else who has bought these, what did y'all think?

Group Shot!!

Thanks for reading!

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