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PLUSH WEEDING!!! +fall of the plush tower and Pokemon Conquest discussion?

            Hey guys, so I have my plush hanging in one of those mesh IKEA plush towers that hang from the ceiling and for the first time ( after I did some rearranging and adding ) my tower fell out of the ceiling TAT Thank god I don't think any tags got creased but after that scare I realized that... I need to seriously weed out plush because that can't happen again. I hate drilling huge holes into the wall and now theres this gaping one where the hook use to hang from :/ So long story short, it's plush weeding time! Excluding my collections, the plush line I collect are Canvas and Minky JP Pokedolls and my baby MPC collection which I have decided to give up a lot of down to keep just the ones where I feeling like I'm selling a limb otherwise :/

sales permission granted by 

I would love to keep them all but I simply don't have the space anymore. And what with the I <3 Eevee campaign that is soon to come, I will need to make space for all those babies.
            I have also given up most of my prior Eevee collection (only keeping my usakochan tail charm, lying vee, and one red tag minky pokedoll) and have finally decided to give in and collect Jolteons! I've always loved them more and only really collected Eevee instead of Jolt because I am so biased because of Green/Blue/Gary XD" It will be a side collection though and be similar to my fire puppy side collection in that I will only collect merch I like and not aim to collect everything as they're both first gen Pokemon and I don't like too much of the old school merch (and not to mention there's just far too much. I have trouble enough trying to complete my Rotoms!) I'll post a collection update sometime soon as I really haven't done that in a long time!
          So in my sales post I have my MWT Eevee red tag minky JP pokedoll and would REALLY like to be able to trade it for a Jolteon red tag pokedoll! I would prefer MWT but honestly, as long as the plush itself is minty, tag/tagless/mangled tag I am okay with. I plan on owning more than one anyways hahah. Whoever's willing to trade gets priority over buyers! I will be leaving my Eevee up to wait for offers and etc for a few days before selling so anyone who's interested keep this in mind.
          Also, have anyone else here played Pokemon Conquest and beaten the main storyline yet? What do you think of a tactical Pokemon game? As far as I am concerned it is really everything I have ever wanted and more. I love these kinds of grid/turn-based games and the concept of feudal Japanese Pokemon warlords conquering each other's kingdoms and such is just mind blowingly awesome! I would like to keep this as spoiler free as possible so those who have not had a chance to buy the game can gauge for themselves by reading our reaction posts. :) Thanks community, you're awesome!
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