bounceyflaaffy (bounceyflaaffy) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection Update <3

I haven't been on for soooo loonnngg! So I decided it was a great time to do a collection update. Some of the images aren't very clear, so sorry about that, but nevertheless, lets get on to it! (Btw it is image heavy >~< )

Let's start off with my adorable eevees.

First up, this is what my friend made me for my window <3

Next! All of my very cute eevee plushies :3
Firstly, this is my adorable eevee pillow which I got from the Pokemon center

Not quite sure what this little guy is, so if any of you guys know, it will be very helpful

My other eevee plushies <3

And my eevee figures

Next! This is my wall, it had pokemon cards all over it, and same with the other side

Now to all of my figures! They are sort of just dumped all over my drawer so if you want to see any up close, just ask and I'll take a close up photo.

And my little gacha machine

Now finally, on to my plushies!

Nearly done! This is my arceus and the first pokemon plushie I ever got, Pikachu!

And last, but not least, my adorable fluffy piplup!

Thanks for reading guys, feel free to comment!

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