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Collection Update!

Hello Again. I have a large collection update. First of all, I now have rotations of all my Johto Tomy figures here (Extremely image heavy). You can also view my Kanto figures here (Extremely image heavy) I hope there is no problem with me linking to my personal journal. I didn't find anything in the rules about it. There is just an extreme amount of images here and I didn't know if it would be good to make such a large post in the group, even under a cut.

Also, I have some pictures of my non-Tomy Pokemon Items below the cut!

I've never been the type of collector to leave things in the box. I found some old Tomy figure packages laying around that I had opened but never thrown away. they had these little thumbnail icons of the Pokemon they once contained. They had really dynamic backgrounds and I thought they looked neat so I clipped them out of the boxes before I threw them away. I wish I had kept more of the packages because I really like these. I might use the umbreon for my user pic when I get tired of the one I have now.
I decided to start a small Umbreon collection being he's my favorite. I have no idea how to tell legit Pokemon plush, key chains, etc from bootlegs like I do the Tomy figures though, so I hope these are all good. They're all in good condition either way. The seller of the pokedoll said it was bought from the Pokemon center New York in 2005 and they were located in that general area. It didn't look like a stock photo, and there are no weird mistakes in its design, so I think it's good. The only thing is is that it didn't have the tush or hang tags.
I love these figures. They were given out as promos with per-ordered 4th gen games. They have beautiful details on all sides. I'll have to make a post with rotations some time. I think there are figures of Dialga and Palkia too, but I don't have those.

Tags: arceus, charms, chimchar, collection, ho-oh, lugia, piplup, pokedolls, tomy, turtwig, umbreon
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