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What do to with Clips/Keyrings?

I'll be posting a collection update within the next week or two as I've got absolutely tonnes of new stuff to show ^^ but right now I just wanted to ask a question since I received a Lugia keyring last night.

The keyring is painted like any normal figure, the problem is that if you actually use it as a keyring, overtime the paint chips and gets dirty and the whole thing looks rubbish >< I've done it before and now I have very sad looking Lugia and Articuno keyrings in my collection. So the question is... if you can't use them because they are too precious, what DO you do with them? They don't generally stand up anywhere so it's hard to display them XD currently what I do is hang them on the necks of my HUGE figures, but this is starting to get impractical and looks quite bad! ov0 I really would like to use them on my keys (or in the case of clips, anywhere else XD) so I could see them all the time but I just don't want to ruin them.
What do you use your keyring collections for? Where do you store/display them? Have you got any useful ideas to share? :>

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