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I LOVE EEVEE - Important Announcement for All Participants!

Hey community!

I have just confirmed the quantity information I needed for the I Love Eevee Keychain Plush (Wave 1). Due to the uneven distribution amongst the four types, a few orders for Vaporeon and Leafeon are unable to be met, and all affected parties have been contacted. However, the brilliant news is that the mass majority of you guys have secured your claims! Also, there are several Eevee and Umbreon plush unclaimed, feel free to leave a comment to add to your order/ask for either of them!

I need all participants involved with Wave 1 (Eevee, Umbreon, Vaporeon, Leafeon) to confirm their order via a final step. Failure to follow the instructions below will result in your claims being deemed invalid and your claims will go to the next person waiting in the priority list. There will be no exception.

This only involves Keychain Plush (Wave 1). If you are part of the special new carton I opened to help the community after the cancellation of the donny9 orders, this applies to you too! If you only ordered Big Eevee, or only Jolteon/Flareon/Glaceon/Espeon, this does NOT apply to you at all. When providing the information needed below or calculating your totals, do NOT bring in Big Eevee/Wave 2 plush into the mix. This is a separate transaction from the other two sets!

In order for your order to be finalised, you are to send an email to larvitarscar [at] gmail [dot] com with the following information:

(i) Email subject: I LOVE EEVEE (your LJ username goes next to it)
(ii) your LJ username and email address;
(iii) Items you ordered for Keychain Plush Wave 1 (only write what you were confirmed a slot for)
(iv) The total cost of your order from Wave 1 WITHOUT shipping or fees (i.e. if you ordered a full set of 4, the answer would be $80, as 4 x $20);
(v) That you acknowledge payment is due early October and items are expected to arrive by end November; and
(vi) This URL to prove you read the rules:


(i) larvitarscar,
(ii) I ordered all four! Eevee, Leafeon, Umbreon, Vaporeon!
(iii) 4 x $20 = $80
(iv) Payment is due in early October and items will arrive by end November for this set!
(v) =D


I need these information for a few reasons. Firstly, I wish to ensure a clear line of communication exists between me and all participants at all times that is free of LJ malfunctions, and having all email addresses allows me to generate a mailing list for any important updates instead of having to manually PM everybody. Secondly, I want everybody to be sure of their totals (before shipping and fees).  Thirdly, I want everybody to confirm their orders and for no misunderstanding to happen in terms of what they will be getting, arrival dates and when payment is due. Once your email is submitted, I will check your name off the list below. Feel free to comment that you have sent your email to confirm I have received it! All successful claimants and the full order list is after the cut.

UPDATE (21 Aug): The list now reflects who has paid for the plush, those who are struck out have made full payment. =D

The Client List!Collapse )

Thanks everybody for making the bulk buy possible! Here's to Wave 2 next month! =D

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