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last pick up until fall!

Hey, guys! This'll be my last Pokecen pickup/run for a couple of months, so if you want cheap pokeman goods, now is the time! (well, I'm still debating whether or not I'll let myself play the lottery... I really want to but also worry about losing money and not getting the prize I want. If you see a desperate sales post of lottery fails in the future, well... you'll know how that went >_>)

My sister is coming to visit me next month (!!). She's been worried about finances, so I want to surprise her by paying for everything while she's out here. Time for a last summer run to try to raise a bit of money! :>

The basics: You comment here with what you'd like and what country you live in. I respond with an affirmative and add you to my list. I go to the PC on July 7th and pick up stuff. I will create a new post by the end of the 9th with results and totals, and I will link to it here and clearly label/tag it. I'd like to be paid by the end of the 11th, and I will then mail your stuff out and update/edit my list as packages get mailed to show what's been sent out. Then you get stuff in the mail!

*Sales permission was granted in Jan. 2011 by denkimouse

*All prices are in USD and payments to be made via Paypal.

*All items will be shipped from Japan via standard airmail, generally within a week of receiving payment. Shipping prices depend on the weight of your items and your country of residence, so please don't forget to tell me what country you live in. Due to my low prices, I cannot afford to take financial responsibility for packages that are lost in the mail. I would recommend asking for tracking (4$) for anyone who is really concerned about their package.

*I try to reuse mailing materials/use inexpensive supplies and use cardboard to protect flat items and tags to keep shipping costs low for buyers. If for some reason you are strongly against this, tell me beforehand and I will charge you more for different mailing materials.

*Please don't edit your comments, as that makes it really hard to track things.

*I cannot give detailed/accurate shipping quotes until I have the items in hand, so please don't ask for a specific shipping quote beforehand!

*Getting added to the list is a commitment to buy. It is your responsibility to pay, and backing out/non-paying = negative feedback.

*No fragile items! (I am clumsy.) No PWY items! (I am normally happy to pick them up, but I really need to make profits this time around for my sister's trip >_<) No sparkly/glittery pink meloetta items! (manly pride at stake)

No pictures from me. If you want 'em, you probably know where to find them. :D
Stuff I will pick up:

Straps: regular w/figures 9$ (type focus 11$)
cloth cell phone straps 8.50$
Clearfiles: 5$ (BW2 double-sided folder is 9$)
Snack tins: 11-15$ (depends on which one you want, as the prices all tend to differ based on design! Let me know which one you're interested in and I'll tell you how much I want for it--if it sounds OK, I'll add you to list for it :>)

regular pokedolls: 16$
Big-size pokedolls: 33$
Hugeass plush (kyuurems, deer, reshiram/zekrom): 75$
Canvas plush: 14$
Fuzzy starter plush: 20$
Best Wishes tomy plush: 20$

New goods:

Pikachu house goods:
Cushion: 32$
Slippers: (adult) 23$
Naptime mat: 42$
Tissue box cover: 23$
Towel hanger: 19$
Apron: (adult) 36$
Lunch mat: 11.50$
Kitchen mitt: 16$

Metal charm sets of 2: 6$

And I don't mind picking up things I've gotten in previous trips to the Pokecen if they're still in stock.

Thanks for looking! Let me know if you have any questions.

The list:
1. mamath - BW2 folder, Stamp CF
2. tewzi - Virizion pokedoll
3. raz2b - Meloetta charms, male trainer keychain/CF
4. godudette - Whimsicott pokedoll, BW2 folder
5. sugar0coated - BW2 folder (x2), girl trainer, N, rival (?) CF
6. mizuhokusanagi - Meloetta charms
7. cyritic - Bisharp/sawk/ducklett pokedolls, BW2 folder, 1i1igant charms
8. zombiecarousel - Starmie line, wooper line, ditto charms, G/B travel pouch
9. zeldana - Meloetta charms
10. herar - Meloetta charm set, pirouette strap
11. aarux - Hydreigon strap, Hydreigon monkore+
12. zora_star - BW2 folder, fuzzy bulba
13. vinnvonn - Cobalion pokedoll
14. ana_kfp - Serperior/Snivy pokedolls
15. dinictis - N Keyring, Tomy plush archen/blitzle, canvas darumaka, type focus keychain vanilite.
16. kingwillko - Victini pokedoll, fuzzy bulbasaur
17. chatsy - MC Meloetta (pirouette), Meloetta charm, pikachu tail lunch mat
18. oxymoronictonic - Stunfisk CF
19. schenzi - meloetta and keldeo charm sets
20. oki_warwolf - bulbasaur fuzzy
21. zangooseel - Keldeo charms, Tepig type-focus strap, cobalion/virizion pokedolls, Keldeo 3DS case (cool jumpy one), F/E multicase (>W/I)
22. shiningmew - bulbasaur strap
23. tsuiling - Pikachu cushion x2, slippers, nap mat, apron, lunch mat (7), kitchen mitt x2, fuzzy plush 1 each
24. sweetie_bel - Bel/Cheren CF
25. howlelujah - Meloetta, keldeo, Black Kyuurem, White Kyuurem charm sets, Pokedoll stamp tote bag
26. irethsune - Meloetta/Keldeo charms, Keldeo Resolution form phone strap
27. mawaru - Oshawott/Snivy/Emonga pokedolls
28. pancakemonkey - girl trainer CF
29. jenksss - BW folder, 3 deer tin (treasure chest style), oshawott pokedoll
30. prawnographer - BW folder, biiiigggg black kyuurem plush, meloetta charms
31. tamago226 - 2 keldeo charm sets, Keldeo Res form strap, 1 BW2 CF
32. lyndsaygorawr - Pikachu slippers/kitchen mitt

List is finalized!
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