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I come with even more questions!

Yes, it's true, I'm just full of questions at the moment. Since I don't know how long these questions will be,I'm posting them under a cut!

First off, I apologize ahead of time if this is against the rules to ask and will delete this question immediately if it is.
Does anyone know of any bootlegs floating around for the Banpresto Glaceon UFO?

I'm not seeking it for my collection! I actually want it for pattern purposes, so I can make a Leafeon to match the Glaceon. I'm not asking anyone to give me a specific seller/site.

Now my next question, which is probably okay to ask.
How does paying/shipping work here? I see people post their country/zip when they buy stuff, but I'm confused to how the rest works. When you pay through PayPal, is that when you give the mailing address? Or is the rest done over PM? This is all probably going to be something really obvious that I missed, but it's genuinely left me confused. @_@

Thanks for taking the time to read and answer my slightly paranoia-fueled questions!
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