Tiira (tiirabird) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wanting some branded cardboard pieces

Hi everyone!

I'm looking for some old TCG cards. I hope someone has them or even one of them and is willing to part with them :3

They can be 2nd edition or whatever series, as long as the art work and type of card is the same as above. I'm okay with both non-holos and holos.
Please; no flaws, no creases, bends or anything, so NM/excellent condition at least.
I'm looking to trade/buy. Have a look at my trades post in case you find something interesting from what I have to offer.
If you're selling some, please leave me some info on the cards' condition and your asking price. I could pay you in a couple of days ^__^ Of course it's best if I can get many cards from one person to save on shipping~

Here are the rest of my wants in case you have something for sale/trade that I'm after.
I'm big on trading right now, so have a look at my trades if you feel like it ^__^

Thank you for having a look!
Tags: aerodactyl, articuno, cards, ditto, dragonair, dratini, moltres, mr. mime, omanyte, snorlax, vaporeon, wanted, zapdos
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