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Seeking certain cards.

Hello again, fellow PKMNCollectors.

A few hours ago, i saw a picture picture of the Magmortar card from the Dragon Blade expansion - and this reminded me that i want it bad! I chose a box of Dragon Blast when they were released, so i had no chance of pulling it. So, according to the principle of Pokémon itself, i would like to trade to obtain cards not in my expansion. Oh! And while i am at it, i am searching for a few more cards.

☛ Please READ THE FOLLOWING RULES. By commenting you agree that you have read and understood them. Questions are always allowed.
☛ I was granted sales permission by entirelycliched on June 4th, 2012, which includes trades permission.
☛ I ship from Germany. My home is not smoke-free, due to my parents smoking, but i protect my cards and other Pokémon goods.
☛ I am not responsible for items lost in the mail. Therefore, tracking is recommended for goods of higher value. However, in most cases, the buyer has to pay for it.
☛ I try to provide accurate descriptions for every item, but if you are curious you are welcome to ask, to avoid possible confusion.
☛ I reserve the right to refuse trade with anyone for little to no reason.

So, after those formalities, let us proceed to the wants.

Dragon Blade (リューノブレード)
☛ 007/050 Magmar
☛ 008/050 Magmortar
☛ 009/050 Ho-Oh EX
Hydreigon Half Deck (サザンドラデッキ30)
☛ 006/015 Houndoom

☛ Terrakion EX and Mew EX from Dragon Blast, 032/050 and 022/050, respectively. Will trade one of them for Ho-Oh EX.
☛ Gyarados from the Garchomp Half Deck. Would like to trade it for a Houndoom from the Hydreigon one.
☛ Several common and uncommon evolutionary lines, Honchkrow and Yanmega for example, from Dragon Blast. If you search for something specific, please ask.
☛ Terrakion and Mew EX are in mint condition and were straight put into sleeves after pulling them. The uncommon/common cards have no special protection, so they may show minor signs of use.
☛ Before i forget it, here are scans of Terrakion and Mew:

That is nearly all, but i would like to remind of my sales, which include mint-in-package european versions of following Zukan figures:
Celebi - $18
Entei - $20
Raikou - $20
Suicune - $20
Roserade line (comes without Lopunny line) - $10
I actually would prefer to trade, if you happen to have White or Black Kyurem (both versions), Rhyperior, Golurk, Hydreigon or overdrive (Movie) Reshiram.

Thank you for reading.
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