Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

WHEW!!!! Movie Theatre Goods and more!

I have added around 50 new items to Sunyshore last night. All are MOVIE RELEASE DAY GOODS!!

Check them all out here:

I will only be advertising upcoming stuff in this post, since for a limited time only you can get stuff that's already out from a little pickup placetohide is doing down below! Get it while you can! Mark's No Mark-up Pickups (c)!

What is coming out next? I am not going to list all of the movie theatre goods: INTERESTED PARTIES JUST CLICK HERE!

Some highlights...

But there is some other things!

AND card game goodies!!!

Please remember:
Leave a note if you want to combine with something!
You can combine this stuff with Ichiban Kuji claims and Payment 1 Pokemon Mate items (mugs and tote bags)!!
I kindly request no asking for holds to wait to combine with what is coming up later in July (list below). I only have a little bit of space which will be even more reduced with three PKMNcollectors staying at my house this July. I am sorry for any inconvenience ;_;

COMING UP IN MID-JULY TO SUNYSHORE PICKUPS EXTRAVAGANZA: New Pokedolls! New BW2 character clearfiles! New talky plush! Keldeo Plamo?! and Tomy MC movie sets! All these things! Can be combined with! Payment 2 Pokemon Mate items (can badges and metal fasteners)! Whoohooo!!!

AND TOMORROW I'M POSTING A BIG RAICHU COLLECTION UPDATE WHOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least three of the things are really exciting! The rest are only exciting in my own head!

Thanks comrades!
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