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Mini update and GA status

Just wanted to do a little update on the figures that I've ploughed through and edited (I don't think I've posted these before but have had some of them for a while now) - there are many more to come though, along with a new collection site hopefully soon.

To start things off, my feature update:

If any of you guys remember my old group shot of all the metal figures, all I had was the silver one on the very right, but thanks so much to sui_kune, I was able to get the rest. For those of you who don't know already, metal figures are quite possibly my favourite piece of merchandise to collect; I thought it would be ages before I even had another one of these sleepy metal Slows in my hands but three of them were miraculously offered to me one day. It was probably one of the best days of collecting I've had since I started. ♥
From what I know, these were the only four colours that they were offered in as part of the DP set, so it's now safe to say that I own them all. ^_^

These guys are just a bit bigger than the mini models, and while deceptive, is in its own category. I've seen a lot of these figures missing their shells, likely due to being tossed in a toy box and having the parts come apart and be scattered over the years. In fact, I didn't even know that these came with a shell until I witnessed it for myself; for those of you that don't know, Slowpoke originally had belly stripes in the older Japanese design.. so thinking it was a regular poke wasn't a completely baseless assumption. Long story short, I was lucky enough to encounter one with its' shell! I think it's a pretty unique piece. :)

Next up is this adorable fan I found one day while surfing auctions.. I had no idea it even existed.

The one I have isn't in the best condition, but it's absolutely gorgeous. I just love the beach scene artwork on it with the vibrant colours, and it has both Slowpoke and Slowbro along with many other cute pokemon; I couldn't have asked for anything more. This was another one of those pieces that I didn't even know existed until I stumbled across one while browsing Yahoo Japan one day. I'm very proud to have it as a part of my collection!

I've always been a fan of unique artwork, and was offered this by em_lemon one day and just couldn't pass it up.

From what the text and numbers say, it appears to be from a calender from a long time ago. I'm very happy that Slowbro was one of the featured Pokemon; it's not often anymore to see them in this kind of style. :D

Beautiful stock images! But nevertheless worth of being collected..

I found these Staks over the years from various sales posts and eBay; the bottom two are my most recent additions. They make excellent fridge magnets and some of them even come in holo form. :D

Last is this super unique movie picture frame!

It's small (about 2" x 2" and not even half a centimeter thick), but detailed and the middle part is just like a part of a movie or film strip where you can hold it up to a light and the colors will be illuminated and become more vibrant! The ones I've seen were mostly from the first movie but I believe there are others too. I managed to find this on Y!J a long time ago, and have seen others over the years but slept through the auction. Turns out that was a big mistake cause these things are super rare. ;_;

And lastly I'd like to update everyone on the status of this metal figures GA!

The last person has finally paid so I have requested shipping - it'll be on its' way to me soon and I'll be messaging you guys about the second invoice shortly; then it's just shipping from me to you! Thanks again so much to all participants for being patient. :)
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