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FoW GA Update and Commissions Update!

The package came yesterday, but I won't be posting info for payment 2 until the 5th due to two reasons. Firstly, tomorrow is Independence Day here in the US, so I can't ship anything anyways. Second, I have been dealing with a small crisis...

We lost power on Sunday at noon due to a strong storm called a Derecho that knocked out power to 100k people in my county Dupage, Illinois. Our power wasn't restored until 11PM last night. We had to stay with family Sunday night since we were without A/C, and on the third floor apartment it gets pretty hot in here when the weather is 90 degrees(F). I was dealing with that all day Monday, and despite our best efforts we lost half the stuff in our fridge and everything in our freezer. They turned the power back on briefly(we got an update from the ComEd app that power was restored), so I came home to unpack only to find it was out again(we were told that they turned it off to give power to more people). I couldn't drive all the way back with the cat and the cooler and all the crap, so I had to unpack and deal with the temps hitting 88 in my apartment. It was not fun, but praise God that it did come back on right when we were trying to go to sleep!

Other than them turning it on just to turn it off again, I can't really complain because there are thousands more people worse off than me. I feel so bad for all those on the East coast who have been without power for days now! :<

Amigurumi Commissions update:
I've been asked a few times about this so I thought I would address it here. I did want to take on more at the end of June, but I've been a bit busy lately, and with the recent issue I had this past weekend I'm backed up on work. I will try to open commissions soon, but I possibly have to take a 3 day trip next week so I'm not sure when exactly I can open commissions. I need to be sure it is on a week that I'm not busy with anything, so please wait a bit longer!

In the meantime please enjoy the last commission I did of Kangaskhan!
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