kriscarmi (kriscarmi) wrote in pkmncollectors,

kwis has wants

Not a long list either. I just randomly got obsessed with the idea of having all fire tomys! I WAS going to post a sales post tonight, but I just cannot find my camera (which keeps happening to me...) so hopefully that'll be up tomorrow night.

I NEED (like, desperately. oh so desperately.)

Torkoal Kid
Torkoal Tomy
Magcargo Tomy
Numel Tomy 
Camerupt Tomy

(nevermind... those two were never made :c)

I know they are hard to find, but if anyone is willing to sell them, I'll be willing to pay (a decent amount, too). :D

oh come on... you know you love fire slugs, camels, and tortoises :3
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