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Collection Update! (And Thrift Store Finds~)

That's the top of my bookcase! C:

'Diles and Otters


And Turtles. <3

The Suicune (Named Murphy) and the Suicune Coin was my first get from PkmnCollectors. <3
The two Squirtle Plushies, Hasbro and Toy Factory, were found at a local thrift store.

Other finds include
A Play by Play Togepi
A Blue Pokemon Blanket
A Sleeping Bag
Three VHS Tapes
and MIP Party Napkins and Hats. <3

My main Collections are actually Suicune and Celebi. I have a Celebi plush in the mail, and I have a custom I made, too. C: Right now I'm trying to focus on Suicunes and one of my side collections, the Slowpoke Evolution line, and some other water types. I guess I'm a mostly water trainer, haah.

In a completly unrelated subject, I just went to go see Jurassic Park in a local theater that runs "Retro Night". It was so great. xD
Tags: blastoise, croconaw, dewott, oshawott, squirtle, suicune, totodile
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