Yueyen (yueyen) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Hey guys ~

I have been quiet for a while. I lost my laptop and internet didn't work properly!
Tried to look on my phone but it's too slow and small.
Good thing I got my laptop back and internet also works again so yay <3
Sorry if I forgot something, just pm me if so!

Of course I want to share my happiness with you!
I started looking for them in Oct. last year and slowly found out it isn't easy as I thought it would be!
But if I really want something I don't give up easily.
And it's good that I didn't give up 'cause now I have them in my bed and I take them with me everywhere (can't bare the fact if something happens to them)

AAAAAAAA! Still can't believe I have both of them now! SO PERFECT <3
I have to thank knoka and theevilpotato
Without you guys I couldn't have done it <3333
Thank you thank you thank you I love you!

I also got this as a present from knoka

Which also made me cry, never got a pressy before!
Thank you again for everything! <3

Of course I am not going to stop to make my electric family bigger!

Got this cutie from sugar0coated

And my new pillow which is unbelievable soft from em_lemon

As last I'm gonna leave my wish list here!
If you ever see something, let me know <3

Thank you for reading and have a nice day
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