atlantia_rai (atlantia_rai) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wants and little update!

Hey guys, I just wanted to send a thanks to all that have helped my Zorua collection grow over this past year. It's amazing and one of a kind. :3
I finally got one of my grails today in the mail: the smaller version of the Namco 13" (roughly) Zorua plush. He's adorable! And so grumpy sitting on my desk. D:
My other grail I received was the HUGE Cobalion plush from sunyshore. :3 Thanks Gin!
I will update with some photos in a few days time. :3 It'll be worth the wait I'm sure!

Some wants:
1:1 Namco Zorua plush (I can dream, right? I will pay an arm AND a leg for him)
The HUGE Koroto Manmaru Zorua plush
The Super DX Zorua Sparkly plush 10"
7" Banpresto minky Zorua
Also I NEED the Cobalion charm and Articuno charm. Can't believe I forgot to add them in here! Also Reshiram charms. :3

And a little question:
I store my plush on shelves and take each one down every week to dust. How do you keep your collection clean and dust-free? It's hard and time consuming! D:
Tags: wanted, zorua
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