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Meetup, Questions, Gets, and Siblings!

So first off, since I want to do this every year, let's give a meetup another go!


Otakuthon, the Montreal anime convention, takes place Auguest 3-5, details on the official site! Preregistration is closed at this time, but anyone interested can still register the weekend of.

I've had the wonderful opportunity to meet up with a small number of you at Otakuthon before, and I'd love to do it again! An official meetup would be awesome, but I'm always happy to just meet up at whatever time is convenient. :>

As per tradition, I will be running the Pokemon panel (titled "Pokemon Central"), so I encourage you to come down for it! I don't yet know what day/time it will be at, so I'll keep you posted. If anyone who is already registered as a panelist wants to join me, let me know!

There is also usually a Pokemon cosplay photoshoot, but one hasn't yet been arranged this year. There is a thread where a couple people want to organize one, though.

Of course I also made sure to stop by McDonalds for the Poke-promo! This time I really only wanted Servine, and I managed to get one. :D Then my little brother, who is getting more into Pokemon, got a Servine for himself and one for me when he went to McDonalds, because he knew I wanted one and didn't know I got it!

Snivy line McDonalds toys photo SanivyMcDline.jpg
Check out our combined army of Servine! My McDonalds Snivy wanted to join in the family photo, too! ^^

My lil bro also went on to get one of the Pokemon card tins! He bought it crazy overpriced, but he's happy with it. :>
Victini! The bottlecap figures are too pretty!

He also opened all the booster packs in the tin with me, that was the first time in years I experienced the fun of opening those, haha.

And he pulled 2/3 musketeers! Jeez! I've only ever pulled two legendary cards in my life! Though the holo cards were all bent - they didn't used to be, how weird. o.o

It's really fun having a sibling who's into Pokemon again! My sister grew out of it when the initial fad faded away, but I remained a devout fan, and my little brother went through phases of finding it cool. Now he has a 3DS and HeartGold, so we'll see how long he likes it for, since he's gone through phases with lots of toy lines.

Lastly, something kind of exciting but scary! I went to our local Chinatown with my friend the other day, and found a shop that sold Pokemon plush! There was an odd mix, from an Espeon Pokedoll to Raichu canvas to Celebi Banpresto to a little Spinda. My friend loves Raichu, but I whispered to her that it was probably bootleg. But I'm not sure!

Each plush was individually wrapped in plastic and the baggies were all tied together. They wouldn't let us take any out because "it would ruin the fur," so I couldn't check the material. I remember the Espeon looked too small for a Pokedoll, but I really couldn't confirm anything. My friend doesn't care about bootlegs, but I want legit dolls. I may still buy the tiny Spinda for a friend. I don't see it listed on the PPP, so I'm not sure what the deal is there.

So, does anyone have any suggestions for ways to check if the plush are bootlegs without being able to take them out of the plastic wrap?


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