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i have many many new things, but only maybe three are exciting to anyone but me. still!!!

the exciting ones are exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!

A PREVIEW!!! please reload before reading through the post BTW! i upload over old URLs all the time.

a while back i did some bartering with a metal collection enthusiast who'e packages i have opened on camera twice now. i am finally ready to unveil my raichu METAL COLLECTION FIGURES!!!

what they looked like...

what they look like now HOLY CRAP THERE'S SO MANY I HAD TO SPLIT THEM INTO TWO IMAGES. that's right. what you see below is 100% metal collection, from the original 1996-1997 set until the 2003, extremely rare, nearly impossible to find, AG set. you know it's hard to find if i only have two, but that i have two is a complete miracle.

i feel so blessed. blessed by raichu.

keshimon and some other metallically things moved here.

onto non metalish things...

this music box from europe. it is so cute, but what is it!

it is similar to this keychain, but not exactly the same, with stubbier arms and a thinner body. but still. WHAT!! this keychain came from france, BTW :)


my peru raichus. a cereal figure and a ....spoon? they called it a spoon. but it is more of a toothpick. the previous owner said these came from cereal, but a peruvian member here said pasta. WHAT IS GOING ON!!!

the green one's back makes me lol.

close up of how ADORABLE the red one is!

from japan...

aw yeah more ichi ni pika pi stuff!!!!!!!!! stationary set yeaaaaah! for those unaware, this promotion is a little obsession of mine. i hope to own it all one day.

from america...

i got new marbles. i have many colors of marbles. look at them. the colors, duke, the colorsssss!

a new pencil with a stamper on the end from raichu_saana. who is so amazing and middled it for me from finland. WAH!!! it was on my wants page forever. here is all my raichu writing utensils.

now prepare for the updates i've put off since JANUARY and before just since the photoshoots are so annoying to set up...

1, 2, 3..........





finally. a few lion thingies.

all the pokemon conquest merch that FEATURED ginchiyo and her lions!

hebrew pogs/tazos! from israel! frustratingly missing luxray. i know it exists, you can see a pic of it on my wanted page, which i will get to in a second...these are cool anyway!

now... visit my
>>>WANTED LIST!!!<<<

which has been updated. mostly i would love to shift some of this stuff off as it has been there FORREEEVVVEERRRR. if you have any DO let me know.

yes...the luxray pog is on there... and i also have some extremely rare raichus i would trade for other extremely rare raichus. check it all out there!

as per usual, you can check out my entire raichu collection right here.

aaaand i have got all that crazy movie stuff for sale still!

thank you for reading, citizens!
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