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Happy fourth, just a friendly auction reminder!

Click that link to head over to my auctions, I have a ton of old tomy's in decent to good condition up for auction, a lot still don't have BIDS!
no kids have bids yet!

I'm donating 25% of what I make in this auction to The red cross- colorado devision to help those that have been affected/ working to stop the fires.  So since everything has started out so cheep it's your time to grab some older tomy's!   a lot of the more popular ones are still at starting bids!  Heres some teaser pictures.

There are more Tomys, over 100 i believe. So one help colorado out, two help me out too, they are taking up our limited space!

Other news, If anyone else in colorado is going to the con, if you would like to be in a pokemon group cosplay let me know! :D
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