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I feel really lucky, the other day I thought I'd check to see if in my local K'mart, which is crap, had restocked any pokemon card folders or anything worth buying and went and looked only to find what I always find but this time I noticed a little Chatot plushie under the shelf. I was like "It has no tag...?"
So I went to the counter and asked if they could tell me where I could find the plushies in the store and the girl didn't know so she sent me to the baby toy section. I looked around and there weren't any, but on my way back I saw another plush sitting on the floor of one of the shelves. It was a bean bag Buizel thing. *So cute*
So I went back to the counter and asked another girl where they sold these and she said  "I haven't seen these in months... I'll call them up for you"
After talking on the phone she came back and said "We don't sell these anymore and they're not on our system, you can have them for $2 if you want."

The cheapest pokemon plushies I've ever bought. ^____^
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