Fudogs Gonna Fu (mamath) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Fudogs Gonna Fu

Sales and Collection update: Waza and giant booties.

Hey guys! Just a quick reminder that my auction of a custom shiny torchic pokedoll ends tomorrow (in about 28 hours)!

Click to be transported!

Also sales plug while I'm here!


And a super quick collection update!

My Waza Museum figures arrived this week from Big in Japan! :D They're pretty great! Though I was a little disappointed that there's nothing attaching the figures to the bases so it's easy for them to just...slide off. :S On the bright side, displaying them without bases is an option. :D I like bases though.

I got my full set for about $55 shipped from BiginJapan. The transaction went through with no issues so I can now recommend them! :D Set 2 preorders already closed but they have set 3 up now. $55 shipped from BiginJapan for a full set is a little cheaper than buying each individual figure from Play-asia (if they continue to stock them).

Also, like so many, I've been partaking in the giant bootie plushies that appeared recently...;_; They're so soft and big and cheap, I couldn't resist.

After a little weeding for my sales, this is my "plush tower". I don't have a better storage solution so everything gets a little squished in there. Q_Q I never intended to have a plush collection of any sort but 3 years of picking up things you like at random gets you a pile of plush! There's just so many nice ones coming out all the time. ;_;

Wail is my newest get and so he gets to be Wailking on the top! (because I can't fit him in the net ahaha).

I replaced the eevee's faux fur collar with a new one sewn from swirl minky. I think it looks tidier, plus I just...don't like most faux furs.

Vaps! She's pretty nice! I had to do a little snipping to remove loose threads, clean up some messy areas and remove her tag neatly/completely. Well worth the $12 I paid though...

I really love the wailord though. <3 He doesn't have back fins, unfortunately, so he's kind of not a ~true~ wailord but I still love him with his massive google eyes ahaha. If he weren't so massive, he'd be my travel buddy! He's big enough to make a decent pillow.

I've also ordered the big electrode plush... If it's really a 12" round plush...I don't know where I'll put it. :D;; But the plan is to have it somewhere close at hand at all times so I can throw it at people and be like "BOOM EXPLOSION YOU GOT KO'D" at opportune moments. :U

That's all, folks!
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