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multi purpose post - new zukan set!

Hey all, hope you're doing well! Happy fourth of July, if you're in the states.

Anyway, this post has a few small purposes, starting with this:
First off, someone on the Zukan FB page just posted this image:
 http://pokemonfigure.blogspot.jp/ had this picture:

Mfw new zukan set:


Bigger HERE
Credit to  http://pokemonfigure.blogspot.jp/ for the find!

Its the new Zukan set to be released in October. Personally, I think it looks great. What do you guys think?
The only thing that bugs me is the pose of Samurott.. Im not sure why. Is it the same for anyone else? And WHY, in the name f god, do we have THREE Rayquaza Zukan now?? Oh well, Dragonite and Rayquaza look great, and it looks like we got a new unique connecting base. Now lets just all pray for a better paint job, haha. (Any news I missed about why they chose Rayquaza and Dragonite lines? New movie, maybe? Also, the new bases looks amazing, and I can't wait!

EDIT: tl;dr you can pretty much sum up my thoughts by looking at this picture.
(5:00AM Photoshop is the best, isn't it?)

Anyway, now that the exciting stuff is gone, here comes the stuff noone cares about. :x
I have updated my wants post HERE c;

And I am also looking for a few odd items..
  -A 3 piece Zukan Base (Like one you'd see on Alakazam Zukan or The Legendary Dogs) Thanks kyogres!
  -This one's a long shot, but the little Caterpie piece you'd see on the branch of the zukan Damn I love this comm!

Thanks for looking everyone! 
Have a great day!

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