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HEAVILY REDUCED Rare/Promotional Posters & Flats Sales!

A.K.A. "get moltres93 and Yelsha42 to Hawaii for Worlds this year!!" sales. I want it all gone, and I'm willing to give big discounts for larger orders. Everything has been heavily reduced, and there is heaps of free stuff too!! 


Sales permission granted by denkimouse some time in 2009 XD

  • I ship from Australia. Please keep in mind that Australian postage costs are EXPENSIVE. International buyers, be prepared to pay around $5 for one or two posters, and between $8 and $15 for multiple.
  • I won’t take “postage is too high” as an excuse to back out of orders, if you are worried about postage costs, get a quote before you commit to buy.
  • When making an order, specify your COUNTRY if you’re overseas, or your state and postcode if you’re in Australia.
  • I trade in USD because that's what the majority of people use on here.
  • I am open to haggling but I reserve the right to refuse your offer. I'm more likely to give you a bigger discount if you buy a lot of things!
  • I can hold items for as long as you need, however if someone else is interested in it then I will only hold for 48 hours.
  • I will only trade for Moltres items on my want list, HERE

There are lots of freebies in this post, take as many as you want with any order! In your order, please specify the # of the item you want (there are a lot of similar posters so this saves any confusion). Most posters are creased to fold.

Warning: very image heavy!

(Click the fake cut to go to the sales!!)

Thanks for looking ^v^

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