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Dana [AKA Juuchan]

Epcot Pick-Up || Last Call... and other things!

Hey there! I've got some business to take care of before I head off to Florida this weekend! Strangely, it's all Pick-Up related...!

First off, thanks so much for those in my Epcot Pick-Up for the quick payments! I really appreciate it! Also, thanks so much for your tips and words of support - I mean a lot! Sorry it took so long for me to finally post this - with the East Coast power outage last weekend, my lappy being a pain in the tush with its BSODing and black screens, and my hands being busy on completing Guardian Signs [OMG is there any Ranger merch out there? I now want some. ...No really, I do.] - but I had to tell you all thanks!

Secondly...To rodry99: I have yet to receive payment from you for the pick-up! I'll be nice - since this is my first pick-up and all - so I'll extend the deadline, in case there's some reason why you're unable to contact me. Please check this post for the spreadsheet and directions for payment! I can only give you until July 11 [Wednesday - the day before the pick-up] to send your payment so I can get your pokedolls or else I will leave negative feedback! If anyone knows him(?), please pass this message on! Thanks!

Thirdly, I'll be sure to update you all in a post next Thursday [7/12] and/or Friday [7/13] when I do both of my pick-ups runs. In case you're wondering, it'll be two runs - the first will be for all plush, including the rarer/limited quantity pokedolls, and the second will be a second try on rare ones [if necessary], a backup run [for those that are unavailable and asked for as backups], and for my own personal gets.

I will be taking pictures so you can see what your plush gets look like!

And lastly: to anyone that needs to contact me during this upcoming week, I will be able to get online at least once or twice a day at the least, so send me a PM or a comment to this post if you need a payment or feedback from me! I'll be back next Saturday [7/14], but those involved in my Pick-Up should expect to see shipping quotes sometime after that; refunds, if I need to, will be done during next weekend, but I should let you know in advance if something's not available.

...And maybe I'll have an updated stock list for those interested in knowing the current Epcot stock for all Pokemon merch~

Okay, that's finally it! Thanks for reading!

- Juuchan [bandanna_boy_17]
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