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Shipping notice + Terrakion goodness!

Good afternoon, fellow collectors! I have two announcements.

To those that have purchased from me: I have all of your packages ready, and they will be sent out tomorrow. I am terribly sorry for the delays in shipping, but everything will be on its way very soon. Thanks so much for your patience! 

I have also added a few items to my sales, so please take a look if you'd like! Click the banner to go to the post.

Now, to make this post a bit more exciting, I have a collection update! 
I had some lovely parcels arrive within the past few weeks! You can assume of whom all of them consisted...

Please be warned that the images below the cut are very large!

My new Terrababies! 

Figures and other things! The Kid and stamp are from PokéVault, the Pose figure and swing charm from AnimeRaro, the TOMY figure from Sunyshore, and the Sofubi from eBay.

My favourites have to be the Pose figure (back right) and the TOMY Sofubi (back left). They're beautifully detailed and look simply fabulous! I was so astonished at how large the Pose figure was when I got it!


Along with the TOMY figure, I also purchased another item from Sunyshore... 

... the Poké Doll!

I cannot get over how adorable he is. He has been dubbed as Terraderp.

Belly! He's so soft!

I took these guys outside for some nicer pictures. However, it is only necessary that I must include where they reside.
They have their own special shelf amongst my other collections. I present to you... the Terrakion Tower!

I still have a few goods on the way, so please stay tuned for some more updates!

Also, lastly, if you have any Terrakion merchandise that you are hoping to sell, please let me know! I completely fell in love with this guy and am eager to continue my collection!

Thank you for reading, and please enjoy your day!

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