torrid_phoenix (torrid_phoenix) wrote in pkmncollectors,

wanted: Pokemon treats!

Okay, I keep seeing the pretty Pokemon cookie tins for sale, and they are absolutely gorgeous, but I never see any of the actual treats for sale. ;___; I'd really love to try some, however! I'm not wanting candy at this time, though. Just cookies or pan/bread or whatever else they've made! Basically, if it's a carb, I want it. <3 I'd like it to be somewhat new, however, as I'd like to actually eat them. (: If anyone has any of these for sale, please do let me know, as I would really enjoy having some. Thanks so much!

Also, watch out for a giant sales post soon! I've got a big lot of 32 Pokedolls that should be here either tomorrow or Saturday! :D

Also, if you've bought something from me, your order has shipped, with the exception of kriscarmi, but we've talked. xD;

I wish I had some cute gif so that I could say, "Sorry for a boring post, here's something to make it more interesting!" but I don't, and I am sorry. ;___;
Tags: wanted
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