Brittiny (karoia) wrote in pkmncollectors,

here comes the marill ♫

I have not died! I went to a convention last weekend, and this weekend is my wedding omgosh!!! fortunately bluehyaku is updating participants on the shaymin in a box GA we hosted together because I am SO out of it XD I just wanted to post that I'm soon gonna have an ebay lot up for sale so look forward for that~ and wanted to share this sneak peek of pokemon goodness that will be in my wedding:

Bride Marill will be accompanied by Turtwig with a Top hat on wedding cup cakes. I will share pictures after the wedding :D

do you guys have any awesome photos of your merch dressed up all fancy??? :]

also, if you're interested by any chance, here's photos of me dressed as a deerling at the convention last weekend XD (and kiki for those who know her~)

anyways... show me of your fancily dressed pokemon merch so Marill Bride isn't alone!!! :D
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