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Sales post!

Hello everyone~ Just me with some things most of you have seen before. =_= I really want to get rid of this stuff, and all it's doing is sitting around in my closet.

SO. I scanned them in this time for better quality, and am LOWERING THE PRICES a lot. Since I also know what people are willing to pay for these guys now, better than before. :3

Sale includes: around 100 cards, stationary figures, and more!
You have to buy at least 4 items before a sale can be made.

Payment: Via PayPal is preferred. But I will also take concealed cash if you're in the US. I'm open to trades and will consider partial payments. Meaning that you may pay part of the asking price and offer an item with a value that fills out the rest of the payment.

Trades: Only wanting to trade for items on my Want List right now. This includes partial payments.

Shipping: Cost for shipping will be calculated once your order is complete. They will be standard rates unless I'm requested otherwise. I'm located in the US, so prices will be based off of that.

With each shipment you'll get 1-6 free cards!!!

Polywhril tape measurer - $1

• Taken: Pikachu mini-stapler, Pikachu mini-clip, Meowth light up keychain

(these cards are going to my boyfriend's debt)
Blaine - $2
Geovanni - $5
Mewtwo promo - $1
Gyaradoes - $0.50
Blaine's Charizard - $1

• Taken: none

Holos (one rev.)
Kangaskhan, Masquerain, Hariyama - $.25
All others - $1 each

• Taken: Blaine's Charizard, Vaporeon, both Raichus, Magmortor, Vileplume, Articuno

1st Edition
All $0.50 each

• Taken: Impostor Oak, Nightly Garbage Run

Mewtwos - $1 each
Zapdos - $0.50

• Taken: none

$0.25 each

• Taken: Raichu, Sneasel, Kingdra, Zapdos, Ariados, Butterfree, Vileplume

Japanese Cards
Starmie and Sloking - $3
All others $0.25

• Taken: none

Commons and Uncommons
Com. - $0.10 each
Uncom. - $0.15 each

• Taken: Grovyle, Dewgong, Statler, Blaine's Dudrio, Piloswine

Dragon lot (not separating) - $2

Topps Cards
$0.15 each

• Taken: Bulbasaur, Charmeleon

Make an offer, I have no idea what to do with these. D: They're Shonen Jump promos...

• Taken: YuGiOh Card, sold for $16

Thank you for looking~ <3
Tags: cards, heracross, meowth, pikachu, poliwhirl, sales
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