Gastidri (raikourai) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Small update and repainted figures :D

Hi everyone!

I'm quite much back with a really small collection update plus some repaints :D

So without furtheradue lemme show you the most beautiful notebook i ever saw <3 (click for a bigger pic)

Also does anyone know some origin info about it? The only thing what is written on it is Banpresto 1998

Jolty and of course eeveelutions :D Seriously i just love how it has a fake wooden frame around the notebook, and all the antique painting design is so perfect on it. Though it has 7 pages only to write on them, but i would never dare to write in it ><
As for inside there is some kind of game for kids. But since my japanese skills lack really much, i have no idea what are they saying or how to do it...

Please someone can translate for me?
Here are the pics from it :

i cannot miss the closeup on Jolty :D He looks so awww and so handsome :D

As for second thing some repainted ponies and cats and ham hams :D I have been thinking of auctioning off these figures (needmoney><)

Here for some closeups:

Pix the Vulpix (sorry for the random made up names ><)

What Pix is evolving?!

Meet Pitails
Following some group pics of fire foxes :D

Realistic Skitty Skips

Hamsterized Chu Hamchu

Hamsterized munching Snorlax Snorham

And lastly Umbrecat

Thanks for reading :D

Tags: eevee, flareon, jolteon, vaporeon
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