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Interesting Japanese Book get, funny pic, + sales

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is having a good day/evening.

I got this Japanese picture book a few days ago and I wanted to share it with you guys! It's so cute and cool! My brother is also trying to translate it for me, since he studies Japanese. 83

My brother told me the book is titled "I Told You, I'm Not a Pikachu!" or something similar to that.

This boy went to the movies right after he woke up or something. He went to see a movie with *gasp* Pikachu! Lol.

When we translated this part, my brother was confused. Obviously, the boy is seeing the movie, but the translation we got confused us a lot. "While the movie was starting, it got darker, and I was not afraid of Zen Zane. Cheer up Pikachu! I was out with push and fart is when I thought, was not shy because Zen Zane dark." ...Who is Zen Zane? But I did laugh when I saw the words "push" and "fart" in our translation. XD

After the movie ended, the boy somehow transformed into a Pikachu. Don't ask me why, he just does.

And since he's a friggin' Pikachu, all the kids want to meet him and get his autograph or something. He's obviously not pleased about being chased.

Okay, we haven't tried translating the rest of the pages yet, but I really do love this page. Why? Mew with a red bow! Which I made into an LJ icon of mine. XD

I'm guessing his mom is either concerned or telling him something?

Not sure what's happening here, but the pic is hilarious.

Mewtwo with the orange bow on her(?) head kills me every time. XD

And then we have a mirror. A pretty bad one though. I guess this is to look at yourself or something.

Oh hai webcam! So how is your sex life?

More Japanese that I can't understand! XD

Nice pic of Raichu and Pikachu though. =P

And a random Togepi seal(?) at the inside back of the book cover.

Now funny pic time! (not my pic, btw)

Lol. Who did that? Spot it and you'll maybe smile at least. XD

And here's a sales plug! ^^

And that's it! Thanks for looking! ^^
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