pokemontrader (pokemontrader) wrote in pkmncollectors,

anyone doing pickups?

Well as many of you know... I am on vacation.... prior to going to my uncles... i did not realize we are staying at a hotel for a few nights... so i have a question for those of you living in Japan... are any of you going to be doing pickups for the meloetta cards.... i saw images of them on pokebeach and i probably will want the whole set wihin reason... i think there is just the two forms of it....

i remember last year you all said that you had to pay for the meal.... i am willing to buy you lunch... and pay fpr the cards within reason.... dont worry... i do have my cellphone (what i am typing on) so would be able to check at my uncles too :-) so if you are doing pickups PLEASE let me know.... i can pay... trade or whatever let me know...

sorry for the bad grammar btw.... and this isnt the same day i posted my lSt post i hope thanks.. .
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