Nora-Inu (noraluvr58) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quick wants p0st when I sh0uld be cleaning r00m

this is g0nna be real quick since I can't be typing this up f0r l0ng xD

but I've recently f0und a l0ve f0r magikarp >3< I tried t0 deny it f0r like... weeks... but I can't help it... it's s0 ad0rable!!!!

well I d0n't have m0ney f0r the p0ked0ll at the m0ment.... >.>I really want that th0ugh ;;
but d0es any0ne have any Kids?
I l0ve kids.... and I n0w really want a magikarp kid >3<

0r any 0ther n0n-flat magikarp Item? 030

And! t0 clear up all questi0ns I've been getting.... 
Yes. my "o" key is sadly br0ken ;; S0 y0u'll have t0 deal with "0" s0rry ab0ut that.....
I'm n0t trying t0 be like Aradia I swear

I'd make this p0st m0re interesting... but I g0tta get back t0 cleaning xD;;

Tags: magikarp, wanted
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