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An Update!

I've gotten a handful of things since I last posted~! Some McD's toys, some games, some Munna things, and a bunch of Bel stuff! So I suppose it's time for a collection update post hehe.

I'll start with the games since they're simple. I ended up getting both Black2 and White2 since I wanted to use my play-asia coupon but when I pre-ordered in April it was under the amount I needed to spend to use the coupon, haha. Oh well, I was gonna get both anyway. As for Super Scramble, I figured since I have a 3DS now I might as well grab it. Thank goodness it came today though, I was getting a little worried since it shipped out a little over four weeks ago! Darn mail system *shakes fist*

I've actually already finished White2 as well, and have been working on post-game for a while. It's really fun~

Next up, the McD's toys. My boyfriend also ended up at McD's and has Janovy and Kibago waiting for the next time I see him. uwu

We ended up at Target one day as well, looking for some college stuff for my sister, and we passed the toy section so I just had to take a look. They had Jakk's Munna plush and the Pop-N-Battle toy (which I am horrible at haha). The plush has really nice fabric!

And onto the dot sprite stuff I got from shiome! :3 And my crafty things~ I got the Bel and Cheren dot sprite figures, and recently made bead sprites for Bel and Cheren's B2W2 overworlds and Musharna~

And here's the clearfiles and memopad. I definitely intend to make use of these during the school year~

Lastly, stickers! I got a second set of Bel's so that I could stick them on stuff, one of those things being my 3DS~ Not sure where I'd like to put the others, but I'm sure I'll find something hehe

Oh and if anyone's interested, I did set up a site for everything, though I still need to update it with this stuff. :>

Anyway, thanks for looking!! :3
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