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Finally! Collection update!

Sooo... I was supposed to make this post almost a week ago but got interrupted with health problems. I'll tell about it inside the cut. I know we are supposed to keep our private life in our own journals, but this involves Pokemon so I hope it's ok :) I'll try to be brief.

I had an infection for over two months. It was painful and disgusting. I ate four different antibiotics but nothing seemed to help. Last Monday things got drastically worse and I had to go have a surgery to remove the problem area. When I was taken to the operation room before I was about to be put to sleep, two nice young nurses talked to me to keep my mind of the operation since I was a bit nervous. The other girl noticed the Mew tattoo on my right arm and said "That's a really cool tattoo. What is it?" and the other one replied cheerfully "I know! It's Mew! :D" I immediately thought OMG my nurse is a Pokemon fan! XD We briefly talked about Pokemon and my collection and then I went to sleep before I knew it. Everything went well. I lost a fairly large chunk from my body but I don't mind. The wound hurts less than the infection.

And that's it. Now to showing off my collection :)

I rearranged my whole collection and removed some random stuff from my main collections cabinet. Sadly I don't have a place for all the random plushies and figures at the moment so I had to pack some of them away in plastic containers and other boxes :( You can see a glimpse of some plushies in the lower right corner of the cabinet pic. I need to find another glass case cabinet for all my random stuff (or just sell some of them).

There they are. My main collections (minus Lugia and Mew that are in a separate cabinet) and a few side collections and favorite items.


I like Dialga and Palkia, but not enough to seriously collect them. I bought a few things when I found then cheap. The Palkia zukan in front is a shiny repaint by me.
In the back are my cats so far. I love cats but can't have my own cat because I'm allergic. I already collect cat items and decided to try to get a few Pokemon cats too :) Just starting out.

Shaymin side collection. Not collecting them seriously. I'm very content with what I have now, but I'd still like to get the tomys at some point.

I love Reshiram, but for some reason I'm very picky on what Reshi items I buy. They really need to look good for me to consider buying them. I only have two plushes because I think they are the best looking ones. I don't like the others :/ The bottle cap is my favorite. I think it's the most beautiful figure ever made of a Pokemon. Please note the Reshiram mugs in the back :)
I love Suicune and I'm sad that my Suicune collection is so lacking :/ I've seen some Suicune stuff for sale but I miss them every time! Don't you just hate it when that happenes X(

Some random stuff. I like the legendary birds and would like to get the Zapdos zukan but it's so expensive that I think I won't even try to get it.
A few random Entei in the back and preorder figures in front. Poor Ho-oh was cut out of frame :(
In the far back you can see the start of my Giratina collection. I still haven't found the stand my Giratina DS was on before I moved. I need to find it so I can display the DS properly, since it is one of my favorite items.

I think Giratina is my biggest collection so far. I'm still on the lookout for a few items I really want. I still need the new attack origin tomy, origin clipping figure and some other random good looking stuff. The Origin forme lottery figure is my current grail.

More GiraGira :)

Rayquaza somehow suddenly came and took over a huge space from my cabinet. I love Rayquaza, but decided that I'd only buy the best looking figures of him. I still really need the attack tomy, normal zukan and my Rayquaza grail is the shiny kid (let me know if you have one and are willing to sell!)

Here's my Mew collection. I started out collecting Mew but somehow the others have taken over and I rarely buy Mew anymore. I am on the lookout for the kids I still need, and the older charm. The cards you see here are my favorites. All the others are in a binder.
Also, Lati@s mini collection :)

And the accidental Lugia collection. My friend stopped collecting Lugia and I adopted her few Lugia items (the big plushes and a couple figures). I started building around them and here's the result. The shiny Lugia zukan is a repaint I did myself. I would really like to get the Lugia plamo.

Hmmm... I think that's it. I think I won't be making one of these for long time again. I'll try to show off grail worthy gets in the future, but don't expect me to make posts like this randomly. I'm a lazy person and I think I have a fairly large collection that takes a lot of time to show like this. Arraging and taking photos, editing them and uploading and then making a post here takes hours XD

Thank you very much if you had the energy, interest and time to look through my collection ^_^

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