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New friends?

So~ today, I hit up the Osaka PokeCen. <3

Consider this a mini GET post. xD Since I certainly bought plenty. But I'm going to make an actual, full fledged GET once I get back stateside in August, and then I can combine it with a collection post or some such. I've got a ton of packages from the comm waiting for me back home, so that will definitely be exciting.

Oh, there's also a tiny photostory.

I'm just going to post links... mostly because I'm tired of resizing photos. orz And they seem a little on the large side for posting as images.

A miscellaneous spread; I haven't yet convinced myself to open one of the tins of fruit drops... Druddigon came from the Ultra Ball, while Darumaka came from the Repeat Ball.
And inside the Gallery Collection folder... were a bunch of clearfiles, of course!
But those weren't the only clearfiles. I couldn't help myself, and ended up getting a full set. And with a close up of the sticker sheet that came with them.
And now for a short photostory.

Now you see, poor little HURRY is a rather timid Cyndaquil. It isn't often that he strays far from his companions. However, curiosity is quite strong as a driving force.

And what's this? Why, just a little peek won't hurt, will it? No one has to know.

(HURRY: dlkahjgs;ldkgjasdg THERE'S SOMETHING INSIDE)

Don't be afraid, HURRY. It's just EMPTY. He's not a bad Pokemon!
(HURRY: fjdhaflsjkdflsaf ;;)

And EMPTY brought with him another friend too! Meet Martini!
(HURRY: ;; aaahhhhsdklgjd)

Shh, shh. It's okay.
(HURRY: aaaaah ;;)

=TT Well, I'm sure HURRY will be fine eventually.
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