Ɲøʀƙɨɑ (flag) wrote in pkmncollectors,

My order from Sunyshore came in the mail today!

I originally ordered the Moltres plush, Flying-type pin, in-case Beedrill, and Starly band-aid... but I got the Spearow, Fearow, and Beedrill 151 Collection pins and metal Pidgey figure as freebies! *_* Thank you sooo much!

I skipped lunch today so I pretty much ate it soon after I took pics of everything. XD Needless to say... it's a good thing I can't quite fly over to Japan right now or else I'd buy all the pan off the shelves just to try it all. @_@ It's so good!

Also, the most fun part... my very first random sticker pull!

(shoddy photography, yes, but you get the drift X3)

Also, I have another bell plush finished! But before I post it, I'm going to make yet ANOTHER with the same basic pattern. X) I'm totally hooked on making bellplush!
Tags: beedrill, fearow, moltres, pidgey, piplup, plush, spearow
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